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Easy, Fast, Safe Trading BTC
through Bits Blockchain Cryptocurrency Exchange

Type Recent transaction price fluctuation 24H Volume
BitCoin USDollar 60,236.31 0.00% 0.0550647
Ethereum BitCoin 0.066912653 0.00% 0.4990047
LiteCoin BitCoin 0.003195374 0.00% 0.5990215
AtmCash BitCoin 0.000000166 0.00% 0.0925063
AmazonasCoin BitCoin 0.000000015 0.00% 0.044933
BitCoin SPL 60,236.30786396 -0.24% 0.0697873

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Fast Transaction

Pleasant Trading Experience through unique and fast trading system of
Bits Blockchain

Strong Security

We provide top notch security system.
Bits Blockchain value the customer asset protection as top priority.

Customized Trading Environment

Easy and intuitive UI.
Both beginners and experts in trading can use our platform with ease.